Freehand Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

“Its elegant and earthy with a twist of dried herb lurking behind blackcurrent fruit” 

Max Allan, Best Buys, Gourmet Traveller Wine, October/November 2014 - extract

‘The Young Turks’ – The Future of Australian Winegrowing

"Listening to these few Young Turks of Australian winegrowing you hear how they are expressing the positive benefits and outcomes that biodynamics provides them as a way of farming their properties. With love and positive intent, biodynamics enables them to produce great tasting, individual wines of spirit and a sense of place. It also provides them with the greatest fertiliser of all to keep them motivated about what they’re doing on their farms… ‘enthusiasm’."

 by Daniel Honan, The wine idealist,  September 2014 - link

“All current releases are good, but this (Freehand Semillon 2013) is worth singling it out, given how hard it is to make whites without S02: it’s tangy and grassy, lively and crisp.” 

Max Allan, Top Drops of the Month, Gourmet Traveller, September 2014 - extract

‘Giving Nature a Freehand’ – Freehand Wines, WA

by Daniel Honan, The wine idealist,  JUNE 27, 2014

Looking for preservative-free organic wine? I have the answer you’re looking for! 

by Casey Ewers, Travelling Corkscrew,  JUNE 23 2007